Alliance Mechanical Services has a fleet of technicians providing service, maintenance, and installations throughout the Chicagoland area

Who We Are

A professional in our industry since 1980, Alliance Mechanical Services offers expert service, installation, and maintenance for all your commercial HVAC equipment and food service equipment. We are committed to the quality of our service and to you, our customers.

What We Do

Our maintenance, service and installation technicians perform with maximum efficiency and cause minimal interruption and inconvenience to your business. Together we form an alliance dedicated to efficiency and keeping your organization running smoothly.


Your Business Comes First.
We strive to keep operating costs down while driving corporate profits up by raising the life span of your equipment.
Planning and Design
Our expert equipment consultants will save you money by helping you choose exactly the right products for your installation.
We make the acquisition process simple. We have what you need, when you need it – at the lowest price.
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative maintenance not only saves you big money on energy costs, but it will also increase the life span of you equipment.
Emergency Service
When equipment does break down, you need it fixed NOW. Our certified technicians are available to get you back in business – fast!

Yes! We aim to help you save money while conserving energy. Instead of random (and often huge) repair and service costs, with a maintenance agreement, we will take care of all your refrigeration and HVAC needs for a fixed, low monthly fee. Simply compare your historical expense data to our proposal to know instantly what your annual savings will be.
With consistent service and maintenance, your refrigeration and heating & cooling systems will last up to twice as long. By avoiding unexpected equipment replacement, your bottom line won’t suffer. Perhaps most importantly, well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently. A properly balanced system can easily save you 25% per year in energy consumption. And while you’re saving all that money, imagine what you’ll be doing for the environment!

Our commitment to our customers, as well as our expert service to a multitude of industries is what makes us different. At Alliance, we understand that our customers are our lifeblood, which is why we strive to meet all of your needs and concerns with the utmost efficiency and respect to your business. We provide service, installation, and maintenance to a variety of industries, so that whether you have equipment that needs to be fixed in a restaurant, hotel, or warehouse – Alliance is committed to offering quality service through honesty, integrity, and reliability.

Right away! We offer emergency repairs, which means our service fleet will respond to your emergency with one call – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At your request, we will dispatch a technician or give you next day, first-call service. Either way, we will diagnose your situation and make any necessary repairs as quickly as possible.
If you don’t have an emergency but still need service, call anytime during normal business hours or click on the “schedule service” tab.

Alliance works with all major brands and manufacturers. In addition, Alliance is also an authorized service company for warranty repair of many major manufacturers and brands for food service equipment, commercial HVAC equipment, and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Full-Service Maintenance Agreement

Instead of random (and often huge) repair and service costs, let Alliance take care of all your refrigeration and HVAC system needs for a fixed, low monthly fee. Lower your annual service costs by 30% or more. Extend the life of your equipment by 35% or more. Reduce your annual energy costs by 25% or more. Significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Have peace of mind knowing you won’t face huge, unforeseen repair costs.

Our maintenance agreement aims to fix any equipment problems before they ever happen. Maintenance on any commercial HVAC equipment and refrigeration equipment is performed at regular intervals throughout the year. Likewise, refrigeration equipment such as walk-in coolers and freezers are also covered; this way, you can be rest-assured that your equipment is working properly and any minor problems are prevented from becoming major ones.

At Alliance, we’re committed to the environment. We aim to respect our environment and employ any efforts that preserve all natural resources. By vowing this, we strive to engage prudent energy usage and conservation practices. By agreeing to our maintenance program, you will be saving 25% per year on energy costs, which in turn, affects the environment in a huge way.