Alliance Mechanical Services provides commercial mechanical services to the food service, retail, hospitality, governmental, educational, industrial, and health care industries

Hospitality Industry

Alliance Mechanical Services provides Commercial Mechanical Contracting services to the Hospitality industry throughout Northern Illinois. In the vast world of hospitality, customers search for a place to rest, a cold drink maybe, or even a pleasing atmosphere for their night out. At Alliance, this is exactly what we aim to do. We put you and your customers first. Alliance Mechanical Services is dedicated to providing commercial mechanical contracting services to the hospitality industry. So this means we at Alliance want to ensure your customers a relaxing stay at your hotel, a tasty bag of popcorn and a comfortable experience at your movie theater, or that perfect drink while rolling dice at your casino. So whether you have a concern with food service equipment or commercial/industrial HVAC equipment, Alliance offers expert service, installation, and maintenance for all your needs.