Alliance Mechanical Services provides commercial mechanical services to the food service, retail, hospitality, governmental, educational, industrial, and health care industries

Government – Education Industries

Alliance Mechanical Services provides contract services for facility maintenance to Government and Educational Institutions throughout Northern Illinois.Government and education centers are at the core of most any city, town, or village across North America. From grade schools and libraries to police, fire, and governmental municipalities – these buildings and places of work establish the communities we as people live in, which is exactly why they should always be serviced with the utmost care. Alliance Mechanical Services provides contract services to ensure your school or place of work is always cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter. In addition, Alliance also offers service and maintenance on commercial cooking equipment; so if your oven or range goes out in your school or university’s cafeteria, Alliance offers 24/7 emergency services to ensure that the item or problem does not go unresolved. Along with our service, Alliance also provides preventative maintenance programs to ensure no building or center will ever go without proper, working facilities.