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Maintenance Programs

23-service-maintenanceAlliance Mechanical Services is dedicated to preventing any mishaps with your equipment so that your establishment can continuously function at its highest level. This is why we offer preventative maintenance programs to ensure your commercial HVAC, refrigeration, or cooking equipment always performs its very best. Ideally, maintenance on equipment should be performed at regular intervals throughout the year, which is why preventative maintenance programs help keep minor problems from becoming major repairs.

How do these maintenance programs work? When you enter into a service agreement with Alliance, a technician will be assigned to perform the preventative maintenance on your equipment. Our technicians are provided with “tasking sheets” customized to your equipment, and will perform a thorough inspection with a detailed checklist of tasks to complete for each piece of equipment covered by your agreement. The same technician will always return at preset intervals, which assures that the technician stays familiar with not only your equipment but with you and your location’s needs.

Being Proactive To Maintenance

Working to ensure that the problem is fixed before it ever happens.

  • Choose the level of service you want. Alliance offers many different types of agreements, including:
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Labor contracts
  • Full-service contracts
  • Decide what you want covered, including:
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Exhaust/make up air
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Ice making equipment
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Water heaters

Preventative maintenance offered for most all business types: food service, commercial/retail, hospitality, government, education, industrial, health care, etc.